541 Eatery & Exchange

An amazing culinary experience that will fill your stomach and your heart at the same time.

Have you ever been the last one to see a movie that everyone has declared "legendary?" Do you have friends who claim that they make the best "fill in the blank" ever? Only to fall for the hype and come up disappointed? I can assure you that the 541 Eatery is not one of those places that doesn't live up to the expectations. If anything it takes that hype and raises the bar.


Imagine what a cool, hipster, modern cafe in New York would look like without all the pretencious snobs. Imagine a place with amazing food, affordable prices, friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere, you would be standing in line at the 541 Eatery. You might feel overwhelmed at the thought that you are nearing the cash and have yet to make a decision between the delicious brunch options and the variations of grilled cheese and other sandwiches. But don't fret because anything that you order from this local spot is sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

The next thing that might be on your mind is what are these buttons at the counter? Well the food at this culinary delight while delicous is also very affordable. It allows for a little extra change in your pocket to be paid forward to another in need. Most of us at one point or another are low on funds. Imagine if you were down on your luck for an extended period of time and couldn't seem to catch a break? The thought of eating chips for dinner again or PB&J becomes defeating. This is a place where if you need a little help you can get it without feeling like a 3rd class citizen. Paying it forward is easy each button is $1 and you can buy as many as you want and put them in the jar for someone in need to pay for their own home cooked meal. The message is as amazing as the food and the smiles that serve it to you. I can't say enough about this place since the concept is without a doubt something that has been lacking in the city for a long time. It resonates with our "village mentality" of people helping people and working together to make a better world for all of us. 

If that wasn't enough reasons to visit this establishment how about the kids corner with a chalkboard wall and colouring table? Or the community table for large groups to meet and catch up? Or the all day Saturday brunch? In addition to these great dining room features there is more goodness cooking up behind the scenes. They use the proceeds from food sales to facilitate numerous free educational community initiatives such as: Homework Club, Kitchen Skills Training, Eating Well Workshops more! They host fundraiser dinners that feature a themed three-course meal prepared by their creative chefs, and live local music. There is also a teen leadership camp that runs for 8 weeks during the summer months. It is a 5 day a week 40 hour volunteer program where teens 14-18 learn about gardening, kitchen prep, customer service and more. At this point I assumed you have stopped  reading and are following your nose straight to the 5-4-1!! See you there :)

541 Eatery & Exchange 

541 Barton St E, Hamilton 


Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday All day Brunch 7am-4pm

Sunday Closed

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