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We are Joanna and Tonya both born and raised in the Hammer. We met in preschool when we were two years old and have stayed friends ever since! We are also both moms of 2 and have had many discussions about what to do with them in the city to stay busy. We have griped over the lack of information available to parents to find out what is happening and when. We came to the conclusion that you end up visiting a dozen websites to get the answers during which time you've likely also dealt with requests for snacks, tantrums and probably had to change someone's shirt at least once. All we want is to get out of the house to let them expend some energy and maybe even have some adult conversation while we're at it!  Shouldn't that be simple?  We think every family wants to enjoy fun activites together without the stress and frustration of figuring out what's available to do in the first place.  


And that is exactly why we created this site - to help families find all these answers in one place. From city services to playgrounds to the best local food we are embracing the "Village" mentality and are here to help each other discover all that Hamilton has to offer. We can support each other and start to enjoy parenting the way we should. People helping people - it really is powerful stuff!


We can't wait for you to be a part of our village!

In case you wanted proof that we've known each other forever, this is us in our preschool class picture from 1985. (Tonya left, Joanna right). 

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