Local Artisan Marketplace

Welcome to our Artisan Market in the Village, a place where you can shop local from talented people in your own town.

Shopping local puts money back in to our community and supports our friends and neighbours


Our vision at Anchored 4 is to beautify homes one distinctive piece at a time.

We work really hard to offer the most unique, handcrafted décor to deliver you the most personalized, home-décor shopping experience possible - from our home to your

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Hatt Street is all about creating unique, cozy, and fun one of a kind pieces for the whole family. Your vision is our mission!

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One of a kind unique handmade products from local artisans

and so much more!


Christa By Design is a unique business that offers custom home decor products. 

We specialize in custom canvas pieces and personalized designs.

Our goal is to work closely with you to create one-of-a kind home decor and provide innovative design services


Our goal is to create and provide healthy, natural and effective skin care products designed to improve the skin and make our clients look, feel (and smell) amazing!

All of our ingredients are chosen for their harmonizing effect on the skin. Try our scrubs, froths, soaps and makeup remover today. We're adding new products to the line up every week!

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