Earl Haig Fun Park

This small water park may not be in Hamilton, but it packs so much big time fun for little ones we just had to tell you about it!  

You know when you see signs for an attraction while driving along the highway and you wonder for a moment what it is,  but then never think about it further? And maybe you do it over and over again and every time you tell yourself "this time I'll look into it" and you never do? This is how my relationship with the Earl Haig Fun Park began.  I was forever seeing the sign as I drove along the 403 Westbound and wondered if it really would be a fun place to take the kids, and worthy of the drive out to Brantford.  


Then, while doing some research for the ITaV website, I came across some events that were happening at the Fun Park, and noticed that they offer many great activities for the family. Last week I was at home with the kids on another extremely hot day and was desperate for a new way to cool off. We had been to the splash pad and played out in the backyard with the kiddie pool, the hose and the sprinkler - I was out of ideas!  Earl Haig to the rescue!  I checked out the website and was pleased to see that the prices were very affordable and thought we'd give it a try. The kids were thrilled when I told them we were going to a water park for the afternoon!


After packing the necessary snacks and swim gear, we hopped in the car, excited for the new experience that awaited us. The directions were fairly straight forward, and even though I think I misread a sign along the way, we found it tucked way back from the road courtesy of the rainbow flags and large sign out front.  We ended up having a fantastic afternoon cooling off and Earl Haig is officially one of our new favourite places to visit.  The 3 things that sealed the deal for me were the following:


The first thing was the low price!  It's only $7.00 for children ages 3 to 14, $9.75 for adults, and kids under 3 are FREE!! If you want to get a family pass for up to 5 people it's only $26.50, which is close to what some of the larger water parks charge per person! One time use lockers are only 25 cents and day access lockers are $3.00.  They also have batting cages and mini putt available - the whole family can play a round of mini putt for under $17.  


The second thing is that it's perfect for younger kids. There was a large heated swimming pool (with both large and small water slides!) and it was shallow enough that my 5-1/2 year old was able to touch the bottom and float around without me holding onto him. He could also easily walk or float along the lazy river on his own. When the kids wanted a rest from swimming there was a nice big splash pad available with sprinkler guns that they could shoot at each other. Beside that was a playground with sand and swings - all things with "little" kid appeal!


The third thing that I love is that they allow outside food. It is nice knowing that you can pack food that your kids will enjoy and eliminate the stress of wondering what will be available for purchase and what the additional cost will be. 


I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of other moms during our visit and asked them what they liked about the park. They said that they all had multiple kids and the larger water parks in the area were far too stressful to take the young ones to, but that Earl Haig was a perfect family outing for all ages.  They even told me that they come all the time and don’t even live in Brantford!


So there you have it!  If you have never heard of this hidden gem in Brantford (even though it has apparently been there since I was a kid) then you need to check it out for yourself. If nothing else, I promise that the smiles on your kids faces as they experience a water park made just for their size will be worth the trip!



For more information check out the Earl Haig Fun Park website below


101 Market St. S., Brantford, ON
(519) 758-0963

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