Top 5 Ice Cream Shops

When you're craving a cool treat on a hot day we recommend you check out the following places

1. The Purple Pony 

346 Wilson Street East, Ancaster



The Details: Ancaster's best kept secret. This small ice cream shop operates out of a garage on Wilson St. Open for the summer everyday from noon-10pm.   

Age Rating: All ages, nobody is ever too old for ice cream!  

$1.89 for a mini cone, $2.99 for a kids cone, $3.69 for a small and $475 for a large cone CASH ONLY!!

Why We Love It:  Its a small shop but with great variety and quality ice cream. It's run by a young local entrepeneur who does a great job and that is really inspiring.

Kids Will Love: The kids love all the rocking horses out front that they can hang out on while eating their ice cream.They have classic kid's favourite flavours like bubble gum and cotton candy ice cream as well as tons of sprinkles and toppings, what more could they ask for?

Good To Know: There is metered parking availble on street but there is also a full parking lot in behind the shop and there are plenty of benches available to sit and enjoy your ice cream. There is also a park and splash pad nearby behind the Ancaster library if the kids are looking for something else to do in the area.  And important note for littles ones with nut allergies, the ice cream is not nut free so please keep that in mind. Again CASH ONLY!



2. Hutch's at Pier 4 and on the beach

325 Bay Street North Hamilton
(905) 546-5508280 OR

Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton

Phone:  (905) 545-5508


The Details: There are 2 locations one at the Pier 4 harbourfront and one near Wild Waterworks on the Hamilton beachfront along Van Wagners Blvd. Both locations have an ice cream shop featuring Nestle flavours open all year long.  

Age Rating: All ages, nobody is ever too old for ice cream!

$: $2.50 for a kids cone $3.50 for a small and $4.50 for a large CASH ONLY!

Why We Love It:  Either location is perfect for hanging out near the water with the family. There are many picnic tables available and they are also pet friendly areas. The location at the Pier has an ordering window outside so you don't have to worry about leaving Fido alone to go in to order.  After you've enjoyed your ice cream you can take a stroll or a bike ride along the paths or just relax and do a bit of people watching.      

Kids will Love: Tons of flavours to choose from and a chance to run around in the fresh air - it's the perfect simple childhood outing!

Good To Know: During peak times the location at the beach is very busy and the line can be quite long so don't forget to bring your patience! This location has tons of parking while the one at Pier 4 has only a small area beside the restaurant for parking (you can walk up from the larger parking lot down the hill but if you have small children this can be challenging).  Note that the kids cone is HUGE! If you ask for it to be split between two kids, it won't be a waste and easier on the wallet. Again CASH ONLY!



3. Hamilton Waterfront Scoops Ice Cream Parlour

47 Discovery Drive, Hamilton

905-523-4498 EXT. 33


The Details: Open May 29- September 7th from noon-10 daily. Scoops is located right along the waterfront besides Williams Fresh Cafe and the outdoor roller rink. They proudly serve Hewitt's Dairy Ice Cream.  

Age Rating: .All ages, nobody is ever too old for ice cream!  

$:  1 Scoop $2.75, 2 Scoops $3.65, 3 Scoops $4.60 

Why We Love It:  Not only is it a nice spot right at the water but it is also located beside the trolley tours. You can grab your ice cream and hop aboard the trolley to experience the waterfront.  And anyone whose childhood included driving through Hagersville and stopping at Hewitt's Dairy will get a big dose of nostalgia without having to leave the city!  

Kids will Love: Over 25 flavours to choose from. The birds, the water and lots of open area to run around, ride bikes or roller skate. And did we mention the trolley!?

Good To Know:  The trolley is free for kids under 3, kids over 3 are $3 and adults are $5 and you must pay the conductor in cash. There are restrooms on site so no worries about where to look for one and there is plenty of parking available. 


4. Candiwerx

560 Concession St, Hamilton

(905) 920-8937

The Details: Open year round.  Closed on Mondays. Tuesday & Wednesday & Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm, Thursday & Friday 10:00am-9:00pm Sunday  12:00pm-5:00pm They serve Mapleton's Organic Ice Cream and Willard's Local Small Batch in half pints only.

Age Rating: All ages, nobody is ever too old for ice cream!

$: 1 scoop $3.50, 2 scoops $5.00

Why We Love it: Concession Street is a friendly neighbourhood block full of local businesses, you can walk, shop and stop for ice cream. The Mapleton's Ice Cream is salt, gluten and peanut free, no additives, preservatives or artifical flavours, the mint chocolate chip is actually white! The Willard's small batch has vegan ice cream and sorbet options available.

Kids Will Love:  Staff are very friendly and samples are available to try. Oh yeah and its a candy store too so that is pretty exciting all on its own. They sell novelty candies, chocolates, super hero merchanidse and make up gift baskets and treat bags all in house.

Good to Know:  Lots of Parking available on the street and side streets. Sidewalks and Sounds runs every 3rd Friday of the month until September. There will be lots of activities, shopping, food and music to check out. You can visit the Zoetic Theatre between 7-10pm for a refreshing beverage from our licensed concession stand. You could even grab some popcorn and check out one of the short films playing inside courtesy of The Hamilton Film Festival. Admission is free!



5. Biggies Ice Cream

519 Upper Sherman, Hamilton


The Details: Open from 2-10pm everyday of the week They are located on Upper Sherman near Brucedale across from Chicago Style Pizza.

They serve a variety of flavours of Hewitt's Ice Cream.

Age Rating: All ages, you're never too old for ice cream!

$: 1 scoop $3.35, 2 scoops $3.95, 3 scoops $4.50, 4 scoops $5.05 

Why We Love it:  It is a neighbourhood shop, old diner style tables and chairs and friendly staff. Definitely a hit amongst families within walking distance.

Kids Will Love:  There is a sit up bar with cushy chairs that spin, what kid doesn't love that? They also have a Ms PacMan machine that has been coverted to multiple old school video games including Frogger, Original Pac Man, Donkey Kong and more.

Good To Know:  There is limited parking right at the shop by there is lots of parking on the side streets. It is busy on warm nights but don't let that scare you the service is quick.

Did we miss your favourite in our Top 5?  Is there a hidden gem we're missing?  We want to know about it!  Send us an email,, contact us via Facebook or Tweet us.  Your suggestions may find their way into our honorable mentions at the end of the week!

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