Top 5 Parks


With so many parks in this city it was impossible to choose only 5, so we narrowed it down to the

Top 5 below the hill and up on the hill!


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Billy Sheering Park


Village Green Park

291 Lodor Street, Ancaster


The Details:  This is a neighbourhood park with a small soccer field, tennis courts, a lawn bowling green, a splash pad, and a couple park benches and picnic tables.

Age Rating:  Ideal for preschool and older, some of the slides the younger kids will need help with

Why We Love It:  This park sits behind the Ancaster Public Library so you can visit both the library, the park and maybe even have a picnic. It is also within walking distance to the Purple Pony, so if you happen to go for an afternoon treat you can enjoy your ice cream in the park.

Kids Will Love:  This park also has a great splash pad which is surrounded by large rocks and benches for parents to sit close but not get wet. The climber sits right next to the splash pad so kids can run back and forth. When they want a break there are a couple of shady trees with picnic tables which are perfect for a snack.  

Good To Know: In the summer months day camps also us the facility during the week so be aware that it can become crowded. There is a large parking lot, however if there is a lawn bowling game in progress it can fill up fast. The library has public washrooms that are open during business hours.



Billy Sherring Park

1530 Upper Sherman Avenue, south of Stone Church Road E

The Details: Named after Hamilton's William Sherring, one of Canada's great marathon runners. The Neighbour to Neighbour Garden Centre is located here, as well as an accessible play structure, swings, a park shelter, a large spray pad, soccer fields, and a basketball court.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It: It is a huge park for your kids to run around in, play games or fly a kite. There is a long paved pathway that winds throughout the park so you can go for a nice walk, jog, bike or roller blade with the kids.. For the older kids there is a basketball court and soccer field.

Kids Will Love: The park is not very busy so they may get to have the spray pad and climber all to themselves. They can also bring their bike or scooter to ride around on the pathway.

Good To Know: There are 3 entrances to the park which can be confusing. The one off Upper Sherman goes directly to a parking lot next to the soccer field. The 2 off Acadia link to the parking lot next to the climber/spray pad. There are public washrooms available but they are only open when the spray pad is operating.



T.B. McQuesten Park

1199 Upper Wentworth, Hamilton

The Details: This park has asphalt paths suitable for roller blading, biking or jogging, lots of open space, one baseball diamond, one soccer field, one multi-purpose court and lots of trees. Rushdale Park is adjacent to the southeast corner of the property.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It: It is a large park for your kids to do a wide variety of activities like Frisbee or playing catch. There is a long paved pathway that winds through the middle of the park so you can go for a nice walk, jog, bike or roller blade with the kids. It is attached to a smaller park that contains a climber, swings, a multi-purpose court, spray pad, beach volleyball court, and shelter. 

Kids Will Love: They can bring their bike or scooter and to ride around and then cool off in the spray pad. They can play almost any sport with the amenities available. There are also grassy hills perfect for rolling down.

Good To Know: There are 100 parking spaces as well as washrooms available. The park does have hills and the paved loop has a spot that can be pretty steep for those kids who may be new to rollerblading or biking.



Mountain Drive Park

935 Concession Street (at Upper Gage)

The Details: Mountain Drive Park has play equipment, benches, a shelter, parking lots, and walkways. The park offers an excellent view of the lower city.

Age Rating:  All Ages

Why We Love It:  One of the best parts of this park is that it's in relatively close proximity for families living both on and below the mountain so it's a great meeting spot for playdates.  It has a lot of shady spots to choose from and is ideal for setting up a picnic lunch or dinner.  There is a path available for a scenic stroll along the mountain brow and you could even make your way down Concession Street for shopping and dining before or after playtime.  

Kids Will Love:  The climber is a great mix of easy stuff for the little kids and more challenging areas for the big guys.  It has a great firetruck/bus for taking a pretend drive and it's one of the few parks featuring stone as it's base instead of wood chips.  The dust and tiny rocks that come home in their shoes might make you crazy, but the opportunities for scooping, dumping and getting dirty will delight the kids!  

Good To Know:  There is free parking available on the west side of the park.  There are washrooms available (as far as we know they are open during hours when Supie is there).   Supie runs July 6 to August 21, Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm, closed daily for lunch between 12 noon and 1 pm.  Some Fridays are short days running only from: 9 am to 12 noon so check the schedule in advance.  

Turner Park

352 Rymal Rd E, Hamilton

Details: Turner Park is a play structure and skate park in one. It also is also a baseball park and contains several diamonds. It also has a partly shaded roadside rest area around the  playground with picnic tables.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It: This park is really convenient since it is beside the YMCA and Turner Park Library. It makes trips to the library just to return books that much more exciting. Plus as an added bonus if one child has a lesson at the YMCA and you need to occupy another one in the meantime you don't have to leave the area.The baseball fields when not in use can be great for flying a kite or throwing a ball around.

Kids Will Love: That they can ride their bike at the skate park as well or for younger children a scooter can be used to ride around. Really small ones will just be entertained by watching the older ones doing tricks and flips.

Good To Know: There are public washrooms within the YMCA and library building as well as a small coffee shop that sells snacks. There is plenty of parking spaces however during peak times it can be busy. 




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