Parental Help

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Every stage of your child's life presents new challenges that we all need a little help with. There is never any shame asking for help when it comes to helping yourself and your children. Happy, rested parents make happy families.
Baby Sleeping
Are you struggling with getting your baby to sleep consistently? Do you want to learn more about sleep training but don't know where to begin? Meet Heather from Wee Sleep.
I am an infant and toddler sleep consultant. I help tired families overcome sleep issues they are having with their babies and children. I offer a gentle loving approach to help parents coach their children to sleep independently. I want to break the negative connotation associated with “sleep training” and help families understand sleep is healthy for everyone. Click on the link above or below for a free 15 minute consultation.
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Do you have a child who is feeling challenged at school and needs a little extra help? Meet Tamara from Beyond the Classroom

We all know that school routines are critical for student success. We also know that routines at home help our kids be healthier, better behaved and perform better at school.
Tutoring can help by adding routine and stability in your child's life!
Beyond the Classroom Hamilton Mountain can help match you with a qualified tutor with experience in many areas to provide customized one to one learning

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Do you have a child who needs help with their physical development and motor skills and you just aren't sure where to start? Meet Kara from PhysiO'Kids

PhysiO’Kids is a private practice offering physiotherapy treatment to children from infancy to 18 years of age presenting with physical/gross motor, orthopedic and/or neurophysiological needs.   The pediatric population includes but is not limited to children with neurodevelopmental delay, musculoskeletal injuries/impairments, mobility impairments, developmental coordination disorder, post-operative impairments, general rehabilitation needs and progressive disorders. 


PhysiO'Kids is a physiotherapy service for children and their families that provides a means of progressing physical development and skills.  Simply put, “A Hand Up...Steps Ahead.”  Its mission is to provide consistent, high quality, personalized physiotherapy in a caring, supportive, warm and fun environment to facilitate development and independence.   PhysiO'Kids honours and celebrates both the efforts of children and their families to reach goals, make progress,  and promote inclusion.

PhysiO'Kids - It Takes a Village - Photo
PhysiO'Kids - It Takes a Village - Photo
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Do you have a child who needs help with their mental development  and need an alternative to traditional education? Meet Stephanie the creator of the Mother Earth Learning Village


We are an integrated group of community members that provide Holistic Alternatives to our busy lives.

We have various backgrounds in  Holistic Nutrition, Personal Training, Mental Health Advocacy, Stress and Behavioural  Management, Meditation and Yoga, Educational Support and Early Childhood Education.

We believe, that we all thrive when we come together to support and learn from one another.



  • Tutoring, Life Skills and Mindfulness Sessions

  • Yoga and Mediation

  • Family Nutrition and Cooking Events

  • Health and Wellness Events

  • Holistic Early Childhood Education and Support Program

  • Alternative Educational Program for children up to 13 years of age.


Where PARENTS and CAREGIVERS of children, teens and adults with special needs receive support and information through peer-to-peer support, informational and stress-relieving workshops, vendors, and a lending library.

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