Splash Pads and Wading Pools

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We are blessed to have so many parks with splash pads and wading pools in the city.  You're almost guaranteed to have at least one within walking distance or a just short drive or bus ride away.  Pack a picnic and take a fun trip to one of these parks! 


*Splash pads are set to open throughout the month of June 
Want to see if any of these are in your neighbourhoods check out the link on the City of Hamilton website here
Splash Pads

Allison Neighbourhood Park

201 Rymal Road East by Upper Wellington Street, off Piano Dr.
This neighbourhood park has a play structure and splash pad

Andy Warburton Memorial Park

119 Tragina Ave North by Britannia

Andrew Warburton Memorial Park was named after a neighbourhood child who died in 1986. This park has a playground, spray pad, wading pool, basketball court, and a shelter


Beasley Park

96 Mary Street by Wilson Street
Beasley Park is an inner-city park with an accessible creative play structure, skateboard area, spray pad, small community centre, and an ornamental fountain.

Belview Park

205 Belmont Avenue by Campbell Avenue
Belview Park has a play structure, swings and a splash pad.


Berrisfield Park

125 Birchcliffe Crescent
Berrisfield Park is a neighbourhood park geared toward young children. It has an accessible play structure, swings, splash pad, sun shelter, baseball back stop, and open space.


Billy Sherring Park

1530 Upper Sherman Avenue, south of Stone Church Road E
Named after Hamilton's William Sherring, one of Canada's great marathon runners. The Neighbour to Neighbour Garden Centre is located here, as well as an accessible play structure, swings, a park shelter, a large spray pad, soccer fields, and a basketball court.


Broughton East Park

990 Rymal Road East
Currently, only the northeast corner of Broughton East Park has been developed. It has two playgrounds (one with swings and two play structures), a multi-purpose court, a lit asphalt walkway, a sunshelter, spray pad, concrete block building, and benches


Buchanan Park

111 Columbia Drive by Stacey and Laurier Avenues
Buchanan Park is a sports park with several diamonds and a playground with two play structures and swings and a splash pad


Carter Park

32 Stinson Street by West Avenue South
Carter Park offers a variety of facilities for children and teens, including a playground, spray pad, basketball / multi-purpose court, and t-ball field, as well as walkways and benches for passive recreation. It is adjacent to Central Memorial Recreation Centre.


Central Park

168 Bay Street North
Central Park offers a variety of activities for all ages. It has an accessible play structure, ball diamond, tennis courts, multi-purpose court, spray pad, shelter, asphalt pathways, and benches.


Churchill Park

199 Glen Road by Parkside Drive
Churchill Park is a large park developed on land belonging to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It offers several activities, including lawn bowling, soccer and softball fields, a spray pad, and a playground with an accessible play structure.

Durand Park

250 Park St S

Durand Park has open space in the south, a shaded playground with two play structures and swings, and a shrub bed in the north as well as a spray pad.


Eastmount Park

115 East 26th Street
Eastmount Park has ball diamonds, an accessible play structure, swings, spring toys, a park shelter, spray pad, and open space. The Eastmount Recreation Centre is situated on the west side of the grounds, and the park is adjacent to Eastmount Park Public School.


Eastwood Park

111 Burlington Street East
Eastwood Park is a large park in the north end of the city. It provides the community with a variety of facilities, including softball and soccer fields, a basketball court, multi-purpose court, an accessible creative play structure, spray pad, asphalt pathways, and a sun shelter / washroom / changeroom building. .


Eleanor Park

80 Presidio Drive
Eleanor Park has been developed as a neighbourhood park with a creative play structure, swings, exercise equipment area, paved walking track, spray pad, a ball diamond, shelter, and a multi-purpose court


Elmar Park

140 Brigade Drive
Elmar Park is a neighbourhood park with a multi-purpose court, play area (with an accessible play structure), spray pad, and shelter. The park also has an existing woodlot and is adjacent to Helen Detwiler School

Fairfield Park 

1501 Barton St E

The new park features consisted of a multi-use court, a small splash pad and a park pavilion and allowance was also made for a future community garden


Fairgrounds Community Park

305 Fall Fair Way, Binbrook
Fairgrounds Community Park is a sizeable Community park located within Binbrook. This park contains a playground, a shelter and a splash pad.


Father Sean O'Sullivan Park

1141 Greenhill Avenue
Father Sean O'Sullivan Memorial Park was developed in 1992 with an accessible play structure, swings, bocce courts, a multi-purpose court, spray pad, and shelter. The park is adjacent to Board of Education property and a ravine.


Gilkson Park 

50 Gemini Drive at Glen Arms
Gilkson Park is a large sports park that includes land at R. A. Riddell Public School and provides a variety of sports fields, swings, spring toys, a spray pad and basketball court.


Glendale Park

255 Rainbow Drive by Glen Echo Drive
Glendale Park is adjacent to Glendale Secondary School and Glen Echo Public School. Playground equipment was provided by the Lions' Club, and there is also a baseball diamond in the park. It was redeveloped in 1996 with a play structure and swings, and also contains a spray pad, park shelter, paved pathway and multi-use court with basketball backboards and hoops. 


Gourley Park

142 Duncairn Crescent.
Gourley Park is a neighbourhood park with an existing woodlot, new play structures, a spray pad, basketball court, shelter, pathways, and tennis courts. A community building was installed in the park and completed by Spring 1998 and is used by the Gourley Park Community Association.

Green Acres Park

880 Queenston Road, Stoney Creek
These sports parks sit end to end in an area bounded by Queenston Road, Randall Avenue, Galbraith Drive, and Valley Drive (Faircourt Park extends south of Randall Avenue to King Street West). The parks have hardball, softball, and soccer fields, swings, and a natural area. The Stoney Creek Tennis Club is on site, as well as an Optimist Club building (which has washrooms). Battlefield Creek runs through the parks. Parking is available.

The outdoor pool is at 50 Randall Ave, the Splash pad is outside the pool.


Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association (H.A.A.A)

250 Charlton Avenue West.
This is a major sports park in the lower city with a track, basketball court, tennis courts (located at the Hamilton Tennis Club facility), soccer field, and a field house. There are swings, spring toys, paved walkways, a spray pad and an accessible play structure here. The park is adjacent to the Ryerson Recreation Centre and Ryerson Public School.


Hampton Park

28 Lupin Avenue by Ninth Avenue
Hampton Park has an accessible play structure, a ball diamond, spray pad, seating area under a new shelter, and a half basketball court.


Henry and Beatrice Warden Park

55 Lake Avenue North by Queenston Road
Henry & Beatrice Warden Park is located in a small valley with a creek running through one side. The park is quite picturesque and has a number of mature trees, as well as a creative play structure, swings, multi-purpose court, spray pad, and pathway

Heritage Sports Park

355 First Rd West, Stoney Creek

Heritage Green Sports Park is a major sports park with a number of high quality soccer fields and ball diamonds. Washroom facilities and parking is available and a splash pad


Highview Park

879 Brucedale Avenue East
Highview Park is adjacent to Highview Public School. It has a modern play structure, baseball diamond, basketball court, and spray pad. The north side of the park is open space.

Huntington Park

40 Broker Drive

Huntington Park has a play structure, swings, a spray pad, wading pool, a recreation centre, and tennis courts with paid access through the recreation centre. It is adjacent to Huntington Park Public School.

Jerome Park

1306 Upper Wellington

Features of the park include a playground, sun shelter, spray pad and walkways.


Kennedy East Park

130 Malton Drive at Christopher Drive
Kennedy East Park is a neighbourhood park with a multi-purpose court, two play structures, two spring toys, swings, paved walkways, a spray pad, benches, and a shelter.


Lawfield Park

150 Folkstone Avenue
Lawfield Park has one tennis court, a multi-purpose court, an accessible play structure, swings, spring toys, a spray pad, soccer field, walking track, parking, paved lit walkways, and an arena. 


Lisgar Park

95 Carson Drive
Lisgar Park has an accessible creative play structure, swings, soccer field, sun shelter, a spray pad, basketball court, and bocce court (membership required). The park is adjacent to Lisgar Public School.


Lucy Day Park

33 Clinton Street by Barnesdale Avenue North
Lucy Day Park is geared to children and has two new play structures from 2010, swings, and a new spray pad for 2011

Macassa Park

701 Upper Sherman Avenue
Macassa Park is a large sports park with several soccer fields, an accessible creative play structure, swings, spray pad, multi-purpose court, walkways, and fieldhouse building.


150 Second Rd W

Maplewood Park has a spray pad, soccer field, softball fields, play equipment and a newly paved walkway. Parking is available


McLaren Park

160 John Street North
McLaren Park is a small playground with multi-purpose courts, play equipment, and a spray pad.


Montgomery Park

1570 Main Street East
Montgomery Park is a large neighbourhood park with two playgrounds, a spray pad, shelter, washroom facility, two multi-purpose courts with basketball backboards and hoops, and ball diamonds.


Mount Lions' Club Park

450 Queen Victoria Drive
Mount Lions' Club Park has two levels, separated by a ridge of rock and a woodlot. The area to the south (the upper level) has a soccer field; the lower level slopes to the east and has a ball diamond, play structure, and spray pad. 


Mountview Park

115 San Antonio Drive
Mountview Park is a neighbourhood park, with play equipment, a spray pad, a multi-purpose court with basketball, and a shelter. It is adjacent to Mountview Public School.

Myrtle Park

13 Delaware Avenue
Myrtle Park is a small park with play equipment, an accessible play structure, swings, a spray pad, park shelter, and a pathway.


North Central Community Park

467 Wentworth Street North.
North Central Community Park is located on the northwest corner of Wentworth Street and Mars Avenue. This park has a creative play structure, independent play equipment, swings, a spray pad, a multi-purpose court with basketball, benches, a shelter, and paved walkways

Oaklands Park

135 Vittorito Ave

Spray pad


Pier 4

64 Leander Drive
Pier 4 Park is a charming and picturesque waterfront park. Its main features include an 80-foot tugboat play structure, oriented to provide children with a full view of the water; a curved boardwalk with a pavilion and benches; and the Gartshore-Thomson Building, which contains public washrooms. Additional features include a shoreline promenade, an open lawn area, a spray pad, a parking lot, picnic tables and benches, and a wheelchair access ramp extending from Bay Street North. Pier 4 Park's interconnected pedestrian/cycling trails facilitate barrier-free access to all areas of the park and provide linkages with the surrounding harbourfront precinct. 

Roxborough Park

70 Reid Ave N

Roxborough Park has some diamonds, open space, spray pad, a concrete block storage building and attached accessible sun shelter. It is adjacent to Roxborough Park Public School.


Rushdale Park

1199 Upper Wentworth Street by Southpark Avenue
Rushdale Park is a small, somewhat triangular park with playground equipment, swings, a multi-purpose court, spray pad, beach volleyball court, and shelter. 

Sam Mason Park

80 Nash Rd N, Stoney Creek

Sam Manson Park is a fairly large sports park with several facilities, including soccer fields, bocce courts, and a playground and splash pad.


Shawinigan Park

1 Guildwood Drive
Shawinigan Park has a playground with traditional equipment, a water spray pad, multi-purpose court, shelter, and a woodlot


St. Christopher's Park

119 McAnulty Blvd.
St. Christopher's Park has play equipment and a ball diamond. It was redeveloped in 1996 with a creative play structure, swings, spray pad, and a shelter.


Templemead Park

30 Independence Drive
Templemead Park is a neighbourhood park with a large woodlot on its west side. Features include a playground, spray pad, multi-purpose court, bocce courts, and a softball diamond.


Trenholme Park

135 Trenholme Crescent
Trenholme Park is a neighbourhood park with a natural area. Features include a public bocce court (memberships are available through the association), multi-purpose court, accessible play structure, spray pad, and a shelter.


Veevers Park

688 Greenhill Avenue
Veevers Park is a small, open park with a traditional playground, creative play area, swings, spray pad, and a sun shelter.


Village Green Park

291 Lodor Street, Ancaster
Village Green Park is a neighbourhood park with a small soccer field, tennis courts, a lawn bowling green, a splash pad, and many park benches.


William McCulloch Park

200 Bonaventure Drive
William McCulloch Park is a large sports park with one Peewee level baseball field, one Bantam level field, and four Rookie level fields. It also has a creative play structure, splash pad and swings. It has been the home of the West Mountain Baseball Association since 1980.

William Schwenger Park

86 Claudette Gate

A portion of William Schwenger Park has been developed with a playground, spray pad, multi-purpose court, benches, and picnic tables. The remaining property consists of a field and woodlot.


Winona Park

1328 Barton Street East by Winona Road, Stoney Creek
Winona Park is an active community park featuring lit and unlit softball fields, play equipment, a park shelter, spray pad and woodlot,


Woodward Park

589 Woodward Avenue
Woodward Park is adjacent to Woodward Public School and has an accessible play structure, spray pad, shelter, and a multi-purpose court

Wading Pools- opening in July see link for schedule updates
Alexander Park
201 Whitney Avenue by Rifle Range Road
This location has a play structure, swings, and a wading pool with a spray fountain. They also have washrooms but they are only open during baseball games.

Andy Warburton Memorial Park

199 Tragina Avenue North by Britannia Avenue
This park has a playground, splash pad and wading pool.


Birge Park

167 Birge Street west of Wentworth Street North
Birge Park has a traditional playground with swings, spring toys and climbers, a multi-purpose court, wading pool, washrooms, and a shelter with benches.


Dundas Driving Park

71 Cross Street, Dundas
Dundas Driving Park is a popular sports park with several softball fields, a bandshell, swings, independent play equipment such as climbers and slides, a wading pool with spray pad, an accessible play structure, an outdoor ice rink, and sheltered picnic areas. Washrooms and parking is available.


Gage Park

1000 Main Street East
Gage Park is a large, multi-purpose park with recreational opportunities, passive areas, and historical significance. It offers a variety of sports activities, such as baseball, tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes, and lawn bowling, and has a considerable amount of open space, which makes it an excellent location for festivals. Gage Park also has two playgrounds (one is wheelchair accessible), a bandshell, greenhouses, gardens, spray pad, wading pool, the Children's Museum where there is a creative play structure with spring toys and swings, and the beautiful Gage Park Fountain


Huntington Park

40 Broker Drive
Huntington Park has a play structure, swings, a spray pad, wading pool, a recreation centre, and tennis courts with paid access through the recreation centre. 


J.C. Beemer Park

68 Victoria Avenue North
J. C. Beemer Park has a play structure and swings, running track, wading pool, and spray pad. It is joined with the former Tweedsmuir Public School site.


Kinsmen Park

387 Beach Blvd.
Located on the east side of Beach Boulevard, Kinsmen Park has three play areas with swings, spring toys, and a creative play structure shaped like a ship, a wading pool, benches, and picnic tables. It is adjacent to Lake Ontario.


Powell Park

53 Birch Avenue at Harvey Street
Powell Park has two multi-purpose courts (one court has basketball), an accessible play structure, a wading pool, spray pad, and a building with washroom facilities.


Victoria Park

516 King Street West
Victoria Park is a large sports park with a variety of activities, including a playground, a large hardball diamond, swimming and wading pools, tennis and multi-purpose courts, and a Community Garden. The park has historical significance as the former site of the Crystal Palace.


Waterdown Memorial Park

200 Hamilton Street, Waterdown
Waterdown Memorial Park is a popular sports park featuring a lit soccer/football field, four softball fields, play equipment, a wading pool, a park shelter, parking, and washrooms.


Woolverton Park

90 Charlton Avenue East
Woolverton Park has a wading pool, play structure, and multi-purpose court.


For more general information on parks in the city go to http://www.hamilton.ca/parks-recreation/parks-trails-and-beaches/parks-listing