Little Warrior Indoor Playground

Sometimes I am not sure if the indoor playgrounds tire me or Lily out more. But one thing I know for sure is that we always leave with the biggest smiles on our face and lots of memories made. Going to indoor playgrounds is probably one of my favourite things to do with Lily and Mason. I love watching them explore their environment, conquer fears and learn new skills.

Little Warriors Indoor Playground is one of our favourites to go to. It is located in Stoney Creek on Lewis Road. It is probably the biggest and cleanest indoor playground I have been too. One of the things that really impressed me about Little Warriors and a big reason I continue to go back is how clean it is.Three things I really look for when attending indoor playgrounds are; cleanliness, space and if its developmentally appropriate. Lily is still young (2.5 years old) so I try to make sure that I am exposing her to an environment where she can play, be challenged but not get hurt! You can tell they take pride in ensuring that they have a safe and clean environment for their guests.

Another thing that is really great about Lil' Warriors is the amount of space there is. Not only is the playground itself spacious, but the surroundings are also spacious. There is lots of room for kids to run around freely on the floor that you do not have to worry about kids colliding or getting in each other's way. There is also a lot of seating which is another big thing I look for when attending indoor playgrounds. Sometimes places like these do not have adequate seating for parents which can be extremely difficult especially when you are bringing an infant. A lot of the time, I am sitting with Mason feeding him or holding him while he sleep so Lily can play. Having a comfortable spot to do this is important. Lil' Warriors has a lot of seating options whether you want to lounge on a comfortable couch or chair, or sit at a table and have a snack there is space for everyone! One thing to keep in mind about snacks is that you are not allowed to bring drinks or snacks from home which is kind of disappointing. They do have food, drinks and snacks you can purchase. However, you area allowed to bring bottled water, baby food/formula and tea or coffee inside.

Your admission includes all day access to the playground so if you want to go home and come back you are able to. There admission prices are on par with other indoor playgrounds. They only thing I was disappointed about was that I had to pay for a 2nd adult to come with me. It is difficult for me to take both Lily and Mason to indoor playgrounds so usually I bring someone with me. However, it was only $3.00 for an additional adult. Mason is free until he is 12 months as long as Lily attends with us. They do offer a variety of different memberships and packages if you plan on attending regularly. One thing to keep in mind is they do not allow strollers into the facility at all. They must be left outside the building or in your car. They do this to keep the facility clean. Everyone including adults must wear socks once they go past the front desk, if you forget they do have socks for purchase.

There is over 30 activities that children can engage in at Lil'Warriors. The play structure itself has a variety of activities such as rock climbing wall, monkey bars, ball jam, lookout domes, balance beams, tubes to crawl through and more! Lily is 2.5 years old and she can go through most of the play structure on her own. She does have a hard time getting up on the platforms as the spacing is a bit bigger than other's but once she is up there she is able to go through safely on her own. I also find it easy to go through with her. They also have a toddler area for kids under the age of 3 which includes soft play building cubes, seesaws, rocking horses, play house, kitchen and more. Mason really enjoyed playing and exploring this area. There was a great variety of options to chose from and it is spacious enough to accommodate toddlers without feeling crowded. It too was very clean!

Overall, I highly recommend checking out Lil'Warriors Indoor Playground! It would be the perfect place to have an upcoming event or birthday party.


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