Nostalgia Meets Cool at the Warplane Museum

I think we have officially found a hidden gem in the City of Hamilton; the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. I cannot believe how many people I talk to and they say they have no idea that we have such an amazing museum in our city. If you are looking for a historical, fun and kid-friendly environment the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is the place to be.

All of the volunteers are so lovely and educated! I learned so much while we were there. I had no idea that a lot of the airplanes that were in the museum are flown on a regular basis. Most times when you go to a museum it is to see things that are no longer in service. The volunteers are just itching to talk and show you around the place. I guarantee you will enjoy talking to them and learn something new.

The entire museum is kid-friendly! Almost all of the exhibits can be easily seen by a 2.5 year old without assistance. They have airplanes that you can actually sit in and what kid does not love that! They have lots of different photo props for kids to have fun with and parents there is A TON of room for your kiddos to run free! When we went there were 2 classes on a school trip and you wouldn't have known they were even there. It is also stroller friendly.

There is a lot of fun to be had for the parents. I find that a lot of times when I am going out with my kids that the places we are going to are more geared towards their entertainment. What I love about the warplane museum is that it is fun for both the adults and children. My husband, Chris really enjoyed trying out the virtual reality air plane they had. AND IT IS FREE! Yes I said it, FREE! We couldn't believe it. Chris was raving about it for days afterwards to everyone we talked to.

One thing I thought was really cool was they take Canadian Tire Money donations. Inside the museum they have a box that you can put your CT money inside and they use it to purchase tools and equipment to fix the airplanes. What a great idea! A lot of the time I throw out my Canadian Tire money because I never remember it when I go inside and don't shop there often enough. So, if you have some Canadian Tire Money laying around head on over to the museum and drop it off!


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