Time Savers

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We are all looking for small time savers to help keep track of the hectic day to day schedule of a family. Check out these great local businesses that help you with the household tasks that cause you stress. http://www.clutterreliefservices.com
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter? WE can help YOU reclaim your space before the holiday season or start the year off right.
Dinnerlicious takes the guesswork out of weeknight dinners! Weekly deliveries on fresh ingredients and recipes to make 3 complete meals (each serving 2-3 people or 4-6 people depending on your choice) means less hassle and more time for fun in the kitchen for you and your family. In addition to regular menus we offer meals for gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan diets https://www.dinnerlicious.ca/
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Our mission is to help families focus on what really matters by providing highly professional cleaning services, from a team of friendly and compassionate staff, using only 100% natural cleaning products.
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A residential housekeeping service that strives to help women, and families create a peaceful home environment. With a huge heart for those who are touched with disabilities Mama with a Mop offers flexibility and compassion to all.  https://www.facebook.com/mamawithamop/
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Sitterhood is recreating the village parents once had by connecting parents seeking occasional childcare with parents and grandparents offering occasional childcare in their neighbourhood. 


Help parents in your community with occasional childcare by becoming a Sitter. Sitters can provide childcare from their homes, select their own availability and choose their hourly rate. Sign up today! 

Start connecting with parents in your neighbourhood at Sitterhood.ca