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Top 5 Local Places for Apples

With the arrival of Fall comes a variety of local produce to choose from and  apples are one of our favourites. 

Check out the Top 5 places to get locally grown apples, whether you pick your own or purchase them.


(If you are looking for more seasonal fun, head to our Top 5 Pumpkin Patches here!  Many of them will have apples and other seasonal produce for sale too!)

Myers Apple Farm

37 Highway 52, Copetown



The Details:  Myers is a family operated farm that is 20 minutes outside of Hamilton. They have 7 varieties of pick your own apples available and 30 varities of apples available to purchase at the farm between mid August and the end of September.

$: Free admission to the farm, apples prices vary.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It:  Myers is the perfect size for those with younger children! It's big enough for them to run around and play but not so big that you worry about losing them. It also tends to have a steady flow of customers without being overly crowded which is ideal if you're looking for a quieter outing.  

Kids Will Love:  They'll love to walk around the farm and visit with the animals which include Clydesdale Horses, chickens, goats, bunnies,and more.

Good To Know:  There is a fruit and vegetable market on site in addition to the pick your own apples. The market also includes preserves, jams, honey and fall decor, and come Thanksgiving and Halloween they have a great variety of unique gourds and pumpkins.  

The Apple Orchard

1668 Hwy 6, Hamilton
(647) 500-4769


The Details:  The Apple Orchard is a beautiful property featuring over 10,000 apple and pear trees. They offer tons of activities from corn mazes to walking trails, wagon rides, corn pit play area and more.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It:  All of the activities are close together and not a far distance from the entrance. For those with little ones you can hope on the tractor ride to the orchard to avoid carrying them. The sunflower fields are beautiful and offer a great backdrop for photos.

Good To Know:  The Apple Orchard is pet friendly, just ensure you have your pet on leash and keep nags handy to clean up after them. They offer pumpkins and squash as well for later in the season.

Puddicombe Farms

1468 #8 Highway, Winona, Hamilton

905-643-1015 0r 905-643-6882


The Details:  Puddicombe is a family operated winery and farm that is located in Winona.  In addition to their myriad of fruit trees, there is a kids play area, farm animals to visit with, a train, and a large gift shop and bakery where a hot lunch can be purchased.  They offer regular run events on weekends as well as host a mom and tot group, wine tastings, weddings, birthday parties, and more!  

$: Prices for apples vary.  Admission to the play area and farm animals is $2 per person. Train Rides are $5 per person and the horse and buggy, and pony rides are an additional fee.  Special event pricing may apply in some cases, please see website or contact the farm for more information.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It:  Puddicombe is such a great farm because you can visit almost any time from Spring to Fall for all manner of tasty local produce.  Whether it's cherries, blueberries, pears, apples or pumpkins, you and your family can enjoy picking farm fresh fruit during many seasons. 

Kids Will Love:  There may be play areas and farm animals at most local farms, but nobody else has Puddicombe's train ride!  A 25 minute ride around the property gets them up close and personal with all kinds of different fruit trees without having to walk around the whole farm.  They'll have tonnes of fun and may even learn a little something along the way too!  

Good To Know: There are fun events happening every weekend through September and October including their Apple-lee Fun Weekends. For more information see their flyer here http://www.puddicombefarms.com/assets/2016-fall-events-poster-2016.pdf and also visit their website listed above.  Events happen all the time including a Polar Express event during the Christmas season.  



Carluke Orchards

2194 Shaver Road S, Ancaster



The Details: An orchard and country store offering local seasonal delights year round like maple syrup, baked goods featuring seasonal berries, apple and pumpkin picking, holiday baked goods and so much more.  They are open every day except Monday 11 months of the year (closed in January). 

$:  Admission to the farm is free, apple prices vary

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It:  The most appealing thing about Carluke is the simplicity.  While all the available activities at many orchards make for a fun family outing, sometimes you just want to keep it simple and focus on the task at hand – apple picking! 

Kids Will Love:  There is a small basic play area to enjoy, but the big draw for kids here is the free wagon ride through the orchard on the way to go picking (weekends only).  Plus the store has all kinds of colourful old fashioned candy delights that is a guaranteed hit with any kid. 

Good To Know:  As the season progresses more apples will be ripe and ready.  Check their website for the full picking schedule. 



Bennetts Apples and Cider

944 Garner Road East, Ancaster



The Details:  Around since 1911, this store is an Ancaster institution.  Open year round, they are most famous for their apples, cider, and baked goods. 

$: Prices for apples and other goods vary based on size and variety.

Age Rating: All ages

Why We Love It:  For some of us the idea of dragging the entire family out to actually pick apples is not all that appealing.  But if you still want an experience beyond just buying some apples at the grocery store Bennetts has you covered.  The smell inside this store is absolutely intoxicating – it’s the epitomy of fall in our opinion!  Pick up a bushel of fresh picked apples, a bottle of cider, and a package of their amazing cider donuts and you’ll be right into the autumn spirit! 

Kids Will Love:  We’ve been going to Bennetts for decades and the most exciting part as kids was always getting to watch the cider donuts being made (second only to actually getting to eat said donuts!).    Plus the possibility of getting to take home a piece of old fashioned maple candy made the trip all that more exciting. 

Good To Know:  Not just apples, Bennetts is a great spot for getting your Halloween pumpkins when the time comes.  They have pumpkin fest on the last two Saturdays in October with hayrides, food, and family fun galore! 





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