Top 5 Outdoor Crafty Activities


If you love to get creative with the kids this is the list for you!  We tested out some fun outdoor crafty activities from around the web to create a list of our favourites.  Perfect for the next time you're looking to add a little extra flair to your outdoor playtime!  





Sponge Water Bombs

The Details: Squishy sponge balls for water fights, target practice and more.  

Material Requirements:  Sponges, scissors or a knife, and rubber bands

Age Rating: Parents will need to create the craft themselves (older kids can help with putting them together once the sponges are cut). Kids over 2 will enjoy them but make sure they're past the stage of putting things in their mouths!  

Difficulty Level: Easy

$: Inexpensive - 8 water bombs cost $2.50 ($1.25 for each package of 6 sponges at the dollar store) slightly more if you don’t have rubber bands around the house

Why We Love It: This craft is quick, easy and cheap! The best part is that the kids can use them over and over which means they'll be entertained for a long time!

Kids Will Love:  Keeping cool with a water fight is an important summer rite of passage!  Getting to throw things and get wet - what kid wouldn't love it?

Good To Know: The directions suggested using 12 sponge strips per bomb but we used 9 and found that it worked well.

Get all the detailed directions to make Water Bombs here! 

Bubble Snakes

The Details: A bubble blower that makes a lots and lots of foamy bubbles with little blowing effort.   

Material Requirements:  Single mismatched socks without holes (baby wash cloths works well too), plastic water bottle, duct tape or rubber bands, dish soap and water or bubble solution, and food colouring (optional, only if you want rainbow bubbles)

Age Rating: Parents will need to cut the bottle and attach the sock, but kids around 2 and up can help stir up the dish soap solution and blow the bubbles.

Difficulty Level: Easy

$: Very inexpensive - most of us have mismatched socks, dish soap and empty water bottles laying around the house, there may be a slight cost if you don’t have rubber bands or duct tape on hand, but this is pretty much a free activity.  

Why We Love It: It's quick, easy and can be made using stuff you likely already have on hand! The best part is that there is a definite wow factor for the kids when they blow these bubbles - it will keep their attention for much longer than regular old bubbles.  

Kids Will Love: Every kid loves to blow bubbles, this takes it to a whole new level with a long foamy bubble snake that won't just float away.  Kids who enjoy competition can have a contest to see who can make the longest one!

Good To Know:  Make sure to use a sock that is not too thick and ensure that it's on the bottle nice and snug . At first we had part of the sock hanging off the end and it wouldn't make bubbles.

Get all the details to make Bubble Snakes (including the rainbow version) here! 

Ice Chalk

The Details: It's ice, it's sidewalk chalk, it's awesome!

Material Requirements: Cornstarch, baking soda (optional), food coloring or water colour paint, ice cube tray, and water.

Age Rating: Parents will need to assist in the measurements, but kids 2 and up can participate for most of the creation. Kids of any age can use the ice chalk as the ingredients are not harmful if they take a taste (but the size could pose a choking hazard as they melt so watch the littlest ones closely!)

Difficulty Level: Easy

$: Inexpensive, if you don’t have the ingredients on hand they are not costly to purchase.

Why We Love It: This is an easy and cheap way to take sidewalk chalk to whole new level! It doubles as a science experiment too - they'll be learning about the mixing of colours and the difference between solids and liquids while playing.  

Kids Will Love:  It's cold, it's colourful, and it's messy! A perfect summer afternoon activity!

Good To Know:  The chalk needs 4-6 hours to set so makes sure to have something else planned to occupy the kids while it hardens. Once it's melted the kids can use their fingers to paint the sidewalk with the melted puddles.  

Get all the details to make Ice Chalk here!


Colour Bombs

The Details: Sandwich baggies filled with colourful liquid expand and explode thanks to our friends vinegar and baking soda.  

Material Requirements: Cornstarch (optional), vinegar, food colouring or coloured bath tablets, plastic sandwich baggies, paper towels, baking soda.  

Age Rating: Parents will need to put together the "bombs" as it requires quick hands, but kids of any age can enjoy watching them explode.  

Difficulty Level: Medium

$: Relatively inexpensive, however food colouring can be a bit pricey if you don't have it on hand.  

Why We Love It:  Science and art all in one, this is perfect for a parent who wants to have some colourful and messy fun with the kids but doesn't want to have a "project" to keep afterwards. Enjoy it once and just hose it away!

Kids Will Love:  Did someone say exploding?  Kids will love watching the bags get bigger and bigger until they pop and spill their colourful ooze all over the sidewalk!  They'll ask to do it again and again!  

Good To Know:  The original instructions are for chalk bombs which makes a liquid sidewalk chalk.  Since we didn't have the required cornstarch on hand we omitted it and simply made them colour bombs - since the explosion was what they were interested in, the kids didn't mind at all.  We liked using the coloured bath tablets (available at Walmart near the bubble bath) as they don't stain the way food colouring can.  Just add them in right before adding the baking soda.  

Get all the details to make Colour Bombs here!


Painting Window

The Details: A washable, see through easel that lets your little Picasso create outdoor paintings over and over again.  

Material Requirements: Clear acrylic sheet, wood of your choice, PVC quarter round, galvanized nails, connecting screws

Age Rating: As long as your child is old enough to use a paint brush they can enjoy this backyard art station once it's finished.

Difficulty Level: Challenging - this is a great hobby project for the handy adult(s) in the household!

$: Save up!  Look for reclaimed wood and other building materials to keep the costs lower.    

Why We Love It:  You can let the kids paint anytime without worrying about a mess in the house.  Clean up is a breeze, just a hose down followed by a quick wipe and it's ready to go again.  

Kids Will Love:  Getting to use their easel over and over again to make masterpieces is perfect for little ones who love being creative.  Plus two kids can paint at once (one on each side) without ruining the others work - built in sharing makes for happy playtime!

Good To Know:  We made this a permanent fixture in the wall of our backyard playhouse but the instructions are for a stand alone easel which can easily be tucked away when your kids are done with it.  

Get all the details to make a Painting Window here!


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