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Snow Day Activities


Oh Snow Days! The most sought after all Winter Season day of delight. Hanging out in your pjs, playing in the snow, tobbaganing and warming up with some hot chocolate. As kids we all lived for snow days, here are some fun ideas to entertain your kids so they look forward to snow days as much as we did. Enjoy!

Build a Fort or Snowman with Colour


The Details: Building a fort or snowman is fun but experimenting with colour adds extra excitement. All you need is food colouring and an empty spray bottle or 2.

$: Food colouring is around $3 a box for 4 colours. You can get spray bottles at the dollar store for $1 each. 

Age Rating: This activity works the best for those 3 and up however if mom or dad are outside with the little ones they can assist. 

Why We Love It:  It is a simple idea that can keep them occupied for hours. Plus they learn the basics of mixing colours and create their own snow art.

Kids Will Love: Seeing the colours appear in the snow like magic. They can make foot prints and colour them or make a polka dot snowman the possibilities are endless. 

Good To Know: The first time I did this they were so excited they went through the bottles quickly so I was filling them up with new colours every 10 minutes or so. A couples bottles with different colours at a time would be ideal.


Have an Indoor Snowball Fight


The Details:  Snowball fights can be fun, but if the snow isn't packing right, the wind is strong or your little ones are too young to partake then this activity is not ideal. An indoor snowball fight avoids the cold and can be enjoyed by all. To start all you need are socks.


Age Rating: All ages.

Why We Love It:  It is 2 activities in one, doing the laundry and having fun. Have the kids help find sock matches and as you ball them up place in 2 hampers. After the fun you can even have them help sort out which drawers the socks go into.  

Kids Will Love: Throwing stuff in the house and at their siblings or you. They will laugh as socks fly and bounce all over the place and nobody gets hit with an ice ball to the eye.  

Good To Know: Try to avoid areas with breakable items or lots of nooks and crannies or you may lose some socks forever. 


A Science Experiment with Ice


The Details:  Learn how to fish for ice cubes by lifting them out of a glass with only a piece fo string. All you need is a glass of water, ice cubes, string and salt.

$: Essentially this is FREE since most people have these items around the house.

Age Rating: All ages, for those too small to actually participate they can still enjoy watching the magic.

Why We Love It:  Science experiments can be so simple and mesmerizing at the same time. This one happens fairly quickly to avoid lengthy wait times for something to "happen".

Kids Will Love:  That they are fishing inside with ice cubes and a string. How crazy is that?

Good To Know:  This experiment is one of many that can occupy a wintery day, for all the details on this experiment and more click the link.



Creating an Indoor Train


The Details: Building an indoor fort is a classic activity loved by all kids, this twist gives a nice winter feel and doesn't require extra large blankets. Simply set up dining or kitchen chairs to represent seats on the train. Grab rope, ribbons, beaded necklaces or anything that resembles reins. 


Age Rating: All ages, with parent assistance this activity can be enjoyed by all.

Why We Love It:  This really gets their imagination going, they can be creative and harness their acting skills as well.

Kids Will Love: It allows them to build something however they want to and take turns being the conductor. They can create tickets to ride the train and use a real or pretend whistle while saying "all aboard!". (Note the time with the whistle may need to be limited)

Good To Know:  This activity can be enjoyed many ways, you can read the polar express while "riding" the train. You could also watch the movie afterwards. You could put on music and sing along whle riding the train or for those Thomas or Chugginton's fans you could act out a scene from your favourite episode. 


Snowy Bathtime


The Details:  This activity is very similar to a sand or water centre. Fill buckets with snow and dump them into the tub. Let your kids play with their bath toys and if they are accessible some sand/beach toys as well. 


Age Rating: 3 and up is best for this actvity, however this depends on the depth of your tub. You could also put their snow pants and boots on and they could sit in the snow.

Why We Love It:  This allows mom and dad to stay warm inside while the kids play in the snow. Most of the mess is contained within the tub. Playtime should last longer than if they were outside in the elements (depends on the child though)

Kids Will Love:  They can imagine a whole new world for these bath toys that normally live in water, now they can build them snow castles and drive around on icy terrain with cars and trucks. 

Good To Know:  Showers or baths should be taken before adding the snow since the tub will act as an insulator and depending on how much snow you add it could take some time to melt or need some hot water assistance. 


Please feel free to share with us any great snowday ideas that you have and we can add to the list!


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