Top 5 Ways to Give Back for the Holidays

Donation Boxes

We all have times where the “stuff’ in our homes starts spreading into every nook and cranny and it’s time to unload. When we clean out the closets we tend to find items that have never been worn or barely used. Why not donate these items to those in need?

Donate Items

Donation Jar

Every dollar counts when it comes to non profit organizations. There are many charities to choose from, find one that you are passionate about and show your support.

Donate Money

Soup Kitchen

Time is something that we all have that when we donate to others is priceless. Many

non-profit organizations depend on dedicated volunteers to offer their services. Without volunteers many programs that help the community would not exist. 

Donate Time

Shovelling Snow

Combine your time, thought, creativity and heart to help out a friend, neighbour or even a stranger in need.

Pay It Forward


Food is a basic essential that we take for granted. Sadly many people in our community go without on a regular basis. Even a small amount of food that might seem insignificant to the average person can go a long way to someone in need.

Donate Food