Top 5 Teacher Gifts


Many parents have a long standing tradition of buying an end of the school year gift for their child's teacher. The decision to buy or not buy a gift isn't the hard part, it is what do you buy someone that you don't spend everyday with but means something special to your child? Do you go generic and hope for the best or quiz your child about their hobbies and interests?

Check out our lists below for great gift suggestions.


We asked many teachers for their opinion on our Top 5 ideas and they approve!

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Adult Arts & Crafts


The Details: Many teachers enjoy crafts, being creative and building things of their own to de-stress just as much as kids do.

However, popsicle sticks and glitter is not exactly spinning the creativity wheels. Try adult colouring books, gift certificates to a Paint Party, themed wool if the teacher knits or crochets or a gift card to Michaels. You could also go with a DIY craft idea book which could also help for in class activities as well. If you and your child want to do something a little more personal grab an old paint can, apple juice can etc. Make your own decorative label and fill the container full of craft supplies. Classroom favourites include smelly markers and gel pens. Dollarstore gift cards also work wonders for arts & crafts supplies.

$: These gifts would vary in the $10+ range depending on how elaborate you wanted to get. 

Why We Love It:  These are gifts that appeal to a wide range of teachers and can benefit the classroom as well. Children will also have fun helping you shop for these items or creating the final product.

Good To Know: Adult colouring books can be purchased for under $10 depending on the size and style, you can also buy in multi packs if you are planning to gift to more than one teacher. Paint Parties happen all over the city and vary in prices however there are always coupon codes and online deals available. Local companies that offer these are Paint Nite, Cocktail and Canvas, Cocktails & Creations, 


Motivational and Inspriational


The Details: Surrounding yourself with positive influence especially in the written form can be very uplifting. Inspirational quotes and poems make us stop and think about things in a new light and this can be incredibly effective during stressful and busy times. Look for journals or prints with quotes like, "Do what they think you can't do" or "love a lot, work hard, be kind and love always". Maybe find a calendar that says "the best is yet to come" or peaks their interest like food, travel or animals. Even some personalized or creative stationary would be nice for note writing.

$: Journals and small desk calendars start under $10. 

Why We Love It:  It can be generic and personalized as much as you want. If you have multiple teachers to buy for you can buy the same thing in different styles and please everyone. Take your child with you and watch their eyes light up as the find the one that suits their teacher.  

Good To Know: A great place to find these items is in Chapters/Indigo. If you have mutiple gifts to buy you can shop online and have it shipped to your house for free with any order over $25! Just make sure you order with enough time. An amazing stationary store that can help with unique items is Quills on Locke St. they also have great magnetic bookmarks for a teacher that loves reading.


Beverages Hot & Cold


The Details: This is a gift that is pretty much fool proof for any teacher as long as you are sure what they enjoy. Buying coffee for a non coffee drinker or wine for a person that doesn't drink isn't a great gift. A gift pack of tea or coffee is great and are easy to find in cute little bundles. If you are unsure of the type of beverage DO NOT GUESS and do not buy a mug in hopes that they will fill it with their favourite beverage. Teachers do not need anymore mugs from what I am told. Buy a gift card to a coffee shop that has a variety of items, that way they can choose. You can also get a gift card for wine and beer if you know it is something they would enjoy.

$: This gift can be $10 or less and still provide multiple beverages and enjoyment. 

Why We Love It:  It is great for the last minute shopping. You can pick up a gift card when you grab your own morning beverage. 

Good To Know:  If you plan to grab a gift pack of some sort shop early, they tend to sell quickly and sometimes all that are left are huge baskets. Places to grab these besides Tim Hortons, Starbucks and the LCBO are David's Tea,  Second Cup, Winners/Homesense/Marshalls, 


Small and Powerful


The Details: Sometimes we forget that great things come in small packages. You don't have to spend a lot of money or buy something gigantic for it to have meaning. What about a teacher who enjoys gardening, a small envelope with seeds that your child decorates and adds a personal message like "you help me to grow" or a small puzzle with a note that reads "you always help me figure things out". Maybe this teacher has had a real impact on your child, so have them make a small book with pictures or a video (kids love making videos) that tells him/her how much they have learned from them. Save the file to a USB stick and put it in a card. That is one gift that will not get thrown away. You can go as simple as a thoughtful hand written note or card.

$: FREE to $10 

Why We Love It:  This kind of gift really gets your child's imagination going, they can be creative and harness their acting skills as well. It can be a fun activity to brainstorm ideas and also allow you to see the effect their teacher has on them.

Good To Know:  This activity is not a last minute idea, rushing a gift like this loses its meaning. Michaels has all kinds of supplies and even craft kits that can help with ideas. 


Delicious Food and Sweets


The Details:  We all have our favourites when it comes to food and treats, teachers are no different. Maybe your child's teacher has a sweet tooth or maybe they are more of a foodie. Either way there are a ton of gift ideas to suit. A box of chocolates is nice but a small box of really amazing chocolate or novelty chocolate is a little more personal. You can find gift baskets of snack foods, like specialty nuts, chips or popcorn. Jars of spices for cooking or dips and oils are also nice. Novelty kitchen items for someone who really enjoys cooking is also great like a funny egg timer or an apron. 

$: $10-$15 could provide a great gift with these kinds of items.

Why We Love It:  This gift idea incorporates a bunch of small items that don't cost a lot but are personal and thoughtful

Good To Know:  If you have multiple teachers to buy for you can buy a bunch of bulk items for less and split them up to make individual gifts.Baskets, trays or boxes from the dollarstore double as part of the gift and a container to put everything in. Great places for sweet treats are Purdys, Rocky Mountain ChocolateBeanermunky Chocolates, Chocolat on James  and Candiwerx (just to name a few) Places for kitchen items The Keeping Room,  The Casual Gourmet and The Great Canadian Gift Company



Please feel free to share with us any great Teacher gift ideas that you have and we can add to the list!


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